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Question For Anyone Who Has Worked In Adland …
November 1, 2006, 11:21 am
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Has anyone worked on a brand that they really loved – only to find that when they dealt with them on a day-to-day basis [often after a highly competitive pitch involving copious amounts of blood, sweat and tears], they were an organisation brimming with …


Departmental Competitiveness / Hatred

Empire building


The continual pursuit of job-validation

A focus on ‘pleasing-the-boss’

Self congratulatory nature


A complete misguided-belief [in their own/team/brand capabilities/potential/self importance]

… resulting in you changing the way you feel about the brand forever?

Of course, there’s examples where the opposite is true … but I just am wondering if this situation has happened to anyone out there, and if so – what did it make you feel? 

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in the interests of keeping a roof over my head, i wont name names, but i can say it has happened a shitload of times.
isnt this one of the reasons we set up cynic in the first place?
pity our theory that it would keep 100% of wank clients out, failed – but all in all, i cant complain except for the one we all love to hate.

Comment by andy

Microsoft Xbox
Doc Martin

I went from love to hate in about 6 weeks for everyone of them + all the bank business I ever worked on was horrible, but I never liked them in the first place

Comment by I'm not saying

Are you mad? Talk about potential career limiting move.
I would guess anyone who is in the slightest bit passionate about brands has been let down by the reality of working with them at sometime or other.
Most of the brands Mr Anon. has mentioned provoke nasty memories for me but Sony deserves special mention for being absolute hell, which you are either currently experiencing or trying to change for the benefit of all future agency relationships. Oh and Toyota were a fucking nightmare, because it was a continual battle between sales and marketing. What one said, the other disagreed and you ended up with some hotchpotch that basically stopped people wanting to buy. Crap.
Go on, tell me why are you asking this?

Comment by Pete

Pete: Can a bloke not ask a question without you thinking there’s some hidden agenda behind it? [Don’t answer that]

I am certainly NOT going to comment on any of my clients – mainly because, as Andy say’s, they’re great – this is simply because I want to get a grip on how people feel, once they’ve pulled back the curtain and instead of finding love, they’ve found a vipers nest.

Comment by Rob

Yes, of course a man can ask a question without it having some hidden agenda. You on the other hand, can’t. That’s one of the reasons I like you. If you weren’t in advertising, you’d be a James Bond villain. A man with a genius mind, planning to take over the World. Then again, that sort of sums you up now as well doesn’t it.

Comment by Pete

Its normally far too cliche, but in this situation its wholly apt:

“Hate something, change something, make something better…” (whistles into distance)

Comment by Rob Mortimer

“Now then Mr Yamoto, are you going to let us run with this ad or not?”


“WRONG ANSWER! Start the elaborate and easily escapable laser sequence…MUA HA HA HA!”

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Pete: Bite me.

RM: Sometimes that is true – but sometimes, it works in reverse, ha

Comment by Rob


Have you seen that your VW work is the new subject of the Advocate on Adliterate

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Thanks Rob, nice to know it’s being appreciated though I was only a small (yet significant 🙂 ) part of it.

Comment by Pete

That’s funny, when I spoke to Colin last week, he said his contribution was a teensy bit more significant than your ‘efforts’ and Andy reckons Alex told him he was the real brains behind the campaign … it’s more mysterious than errrrrrm, a really mysterious thing, isn’t it.

Comment by Rob

If you post on there you could win one of the much vaunted strategy cows!

Considering the previous two campaigns on there have been the two most well known and popular campaigns of the decade in the UK…its quite an honour id say!

And of course, in advertising, small and significant is always better than big and insignificant!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Colin said that did he? Well to be fair, it was a joint with all the planners effort except I put in more effort than all of them, lol.
As for Alex’s comment, there’s no way he said that, it’s Andy at his shit stirring best.

Comment by Pete

Planners? Don’t you mean social anthropologists or whatever jumped up job title you all have this week?

Comment by Rob

Sticks and stones Robert…. sticks and stones.
Got to go and do some work now, so speak later. I may sign up for that strategy cow thing, but I’ll have to check I can get total credit without my team finding out. lol.

Comment by Pete

Spoken like a true adman. Speak soon.

Hey, Mr Mortimer – how are things going on the jobby front? Did Naked ever get back to you? Let me know as I’m speaking to John Wilkins soon and can kick his bottom if you want.

Gotta go, need to pack. Yes, I’m travelling again – but this time for a holiday, yippee!

Comment by Rob

Worth a try, after all I doubt Richard plans to send one for every member of the team!

Not chasing too much until the house is sorted, but then the fun starts big time! Never did get a reply from Naked, (they asked for my CV which I sent) so feel free to kick some metaphorical bottom.

You must do more flying on your own than some entire airlines manage. Im starting to think that private jet would actually SAVE you money!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

dont start with your company plane shit again

Comment by andy

Oh yeah, he took it rather seriously last time didn’t he. 😉

Comment by Rob Mortimer

yes he did but luckily for you (and our bank balance) we didnt.

Comment by andy

I find it hard to believe that any bank would be ok with that kind of overdraft!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I want my own plane. Please. Pretty Please!

Comment by Rob

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