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Faster Than Superman …
October 27, 2006, 12:03 pm
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What I really love about Shanghai is that you really feel it is a city with a ‘development speed’ set on TURBO.

Sure, there’s alot of countries – especially in Asia – that are like that, but here, it’s done on such a big scale that you really feel you are in the middle of an Industrial Hurricane.

The other thing I love is that so many of the skyscrapers have been created with flair – far more than you tend to get in many developed Western markets – at least where modern buildings are concerned.

Because the modern and historical buildings clash so wildly, it creates a skyline that is actually ‘interesting’.

Unfortunately, where ‘interiors’ are concerned, often, things goes downhill fast.  Below is the ‘lovely’ beige colour scheme of the Westin Shanghai.  Lovely eh …

Apart from the fact everything sort of blends into eachother [so you can’t see the door to your room, ha] … it somehow gives the impression that the entire floor is being renovated when in fact, it is the result of a massive overhaul.

OK, so once you get into your room, it’s really very, very nice – but for all the flair and pragmatism of the outside architecture, it’s just a shame so many buildings screw it up with their interiors.

[Though it probably keeps the Western businessman feeling ‘comfortable’, because they are in surroundings that are like the bland rubbish they inhabit at ‘home’]

To be fair, China is still ‘waking up to this sort of thing’ … and given their speed of development is so fast, I am sure that by the time I’m back there in a few weeks, they’ll have ‘evolved’ to leading the World with their interior flair and imagination.

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I love some of the buildings in Shanghai. The main reason I want to go there is for the architecture!

Hong Kong also has some wonderful buildings, like the Feng Shui madness (pointing negative energy towards the old governers house) of the Bank of China tower, or the (actual, real) guns on the HSBC Bank building that face the Bank of China Tower.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

whats weird is the east dont think theyre creative when it is painfully obvious they are, just not in the coventional western way. good on you rob for promoting their style, even though equate it to demonstrating business / cultural strength.

Comment by andy

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