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Not Stating The Obvious …
October 23, 2006, 3:42 pm
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So I was passing a sports store, and I saw this punch bag with the sign … “PLEASE DON’T PUNCH” placed upon it.  Classic.

Surely the obvious thing to do would be to encourage passer-by’s to ‘have a hit’ … because after a really good punch and a kick, I’m sure many would realise it gives them a real sense of ‘release’ [from life’s stresses and frustrations] – possibly resulting in more of them actually deciding to buy the bag than the shop could/would otherwise attract.

Hell, if I was going to put any sign on the thing, it’d be ‘ANTIDOTE TO LIFE’S CRAP BITS … FREE SAMPLE’!!!

I’m going to get one put in all the offices – even though I’ll probably find a picture of my face plastered on all of them! 

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Like the games consoles that are there without the controllers plugged in.

You wouldnt go into an electrical store to buy a TV but not be allowed to watch it first!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I know … and another pet hate of mine are shops thst have escalators going down but not up.

It’s like they are saying, “COME IN, WE REALLY LOVE YOU CUSTOMERS” … and then, as soon as they have your money, it’s like they say, “PISS OFF SUCKERRRRRRRRRS”

Comment by Rob

The Potteries in Stoke has a good one that looks like its taking you upstairs but actually sticks you in the middle of Debenhams…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

debenhams is one of the reasons i left england. how in the fuck are they still around, what do they actually sell now?

Comment by andy

The question is what dont they sell!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

are you telling me they sell decent stuff now? surely not. mind you if memory serves me, you live in sheffield so what would you know about classy anyway? dont worry, thats half the reason we like you so much.

Comment by andy @ cynic

Well, they have gone gradually upmarket im many respects. A bit like a slightly less classy House of Fraser.

Sheffield isn’t that bad…well actually it is; but Peterborough was far far worse.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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