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Look At The Music …
October 12, 2006, 12:20 am
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Some of you may know how many, many, many moons ago … I was a session guitarist for tons of incredibly sad 80’s popstars all residing in the ‘Where Are They Now?’ file.

However, whilst my main source of income is no longer associated with playing the guitar, I am still completely obsessed with music and am currently having a fantastic time orchestrating the soundtrack to the new SONY brand commercial we’re about to launch.

Why is it so much fun?

Well there’s a couple of reasons …

First is the fact that I helped create a piece of music that takes people on an emotional journey in just 60 seconds …  something that lifts them up and brings them down without them even realising how or why it is happening.

[It was only after I watched a shedload of movies that I realised how key, key moments in a film rarely use any background music at all. It’s like audiences have become so accustomed to hearing music with their visual entertainment, that when silence ‘appears’, it represents a really important and dramatic scene is about to happen. Infact, if film makers really want to create the ultimate explosion of drama … quiet is the best way to do it.  Go and watch the opening scene to ‘Saving Private Ryan’, to see what I mean] 

Secondly, I am loving it because thanks to some amazing music software, I am able to do it all on my laptop regardless of whether I am at home, on a plane or even in a hotel room in Bali! [Yes, I am buggering about with it as I type!]

It used to take vast amounts of time, patience and money to create recorded pieces of music … yet now you can have a 48 track recording studio, full of instruments, singers and effects for the price of a meal in a half-decent restaurant AND you don’t get any of those ‘creative differences’ that have plagued bands since the beginning of time.

Saying that, I wonder whether Beethoven, Mozart and Bach etc would have found this technology useful. 

OK, I know I’ve just banged on about how quick, easy and powerful it is to create music – but the thing is, rather than using your imagination to create music, you tend to go straight to the technology and ‘doodle around’ with the tons of samples you have at your disposal – which results in you tending to create music by crashing lots of bits and pieces together rather than starting with something pure. 

So what’s bad about this?  Well nothing really, except it means you don’t tend to ‘experiment’ as much as you could. Or should.

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You talented piece of shit – when you in the US and when is this Sony ad out?
For a guy who had a mullet, liked rock music and played with no hopers like Chesney and D’arby, you are doing ok.  Who’d of thought.

Comment by Pete

I hope I can hear this piece soon…

I find it liberating to write using midi, it focuses you on melody and rythmn which you can then move over to proper sounds.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

pete: robs only doing ok because i saved him from a life playing on shitty records or crappy italian restaurants. he owes me big time. hes here next week, you going be in the apple?

Comment by andy @ cynic

Hope Rob appreciates all you’ve done for him but then he can be such a selfish shit can’t he? Could be in NY next week. Will buzz you.  Can I see the Sony ad?

Comment by Pete

That explains it.

Comment by Pete

im not doing the sony spot. if i was, do you honestly think id let someone who thinks brian may is a god anywhere near it? come on pete, you know me better than that.

Comment by andy @ cynic

Uh oh… Oodles of poodle

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Hello Pete … thanks for bringing up my past to haunt me … but it was better than stacking shelves at Asda. And can you and Andy not post comments like I’m no longer alive, ha. Maybe see you next week … so I can smack you one, ha

Comment by Rob

Oodles of Poodles? What’s that mean? Saying that, it reminds me of an ad a mate of ours did for a ‘2 minute noodle’ [in super sweet and sour flavour] using the line, “GO MENTAL ORIENTAL”.

Yes the ad was as dodgy as you imagine.
Yes the ad caused all sorts of outrage.
Yes our mate got severely bollocked for it.
Yes it did sell tons of product, ha!

Comment by Rob

Oodles of poodles… it means a “Brian May influence”!

The mental oriental ad was much less offensive than most of the eastern product ads ive seen. Having a girlfriend whose family are Chinese is always a good barometer for those ads.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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