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Fat’s The New Thin! [So I Am Fashionable For Once!]
October 10, 2006, 9:28 am
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So at the recent Spanish Fashion Festival, organisers insisted any model appearing on the catwalk had to be weighed pre-show – and if they didn’t fall within a healthy weight range for someone of their height, they wouldn’t be able to participate.

And what happened? 

Well, instead of the 360 models they expected to turn up, only around 70 did. 

OK, so this proves the fashion industry has always been about encouraging un-healthy thinness [despite what they have claimed over previous years] but the Spanish Fashion industry should be congratulated for taking such a stand – and it’ll be very interesting to see if others follow suit of whether the industry turns their collective backs on Spain because for all their talk, they really live by the mantra of ‘Thin’s In’. 

And talking of ‘fashion’, I see Kate Moss is doing pretty well for herself again!

After all the talk of fashion labels dropping her because of her much publicised drug issue, she seems to be back as the ‘chosen one’.

Funny thing is, she’s now whoring herself for so many ‘labels’, you have to ask whether the brands she’s representing are getting the level of ‘impact/association’ they wanted/thought they’d get.

The 3 ads below were all on consecutive pages of a major fashion mag … which not only meant you noticed Kate Moss more than the brand, but sort of showed that clients paranoia of being too closely associated with their competitors is a complete and utter sham. At least where the fashion industry is concerned.

Hmmmmn, don’t know why that surprises me really … especially after my/our very, very, very, very, very bad experience with GUESS [who admittedly aren’t ‘high fashion’] and another startlet who’d go to the opening of an Apple Pie, Paris Hilton. 

Oooooh, I’m still so bitter, haha!

 [Louis Vuitton]



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Well thank you for bringing up dear Paris Hilton again Robert. It took months to get my hatred of that bitch out of my mind and now you’ve gone and brought her kicking and screaming back into my life.
What’s the betting your comment will get the whole office spitting blood about her, her Dad and Guess again when we should be concentrating on the Mac presentation for Monday.
Thanks Robert, really appreciate it. You will pay when I see you next week.

Comment by George

paris hilton has caused more devastation than hurricane katrina, but to be fair, judging by the video ive watched of her, she does blow a lot harder.

Comment by andy @ cynic

Boom Tish …

Comment by Rob

Oh dear.

I think its wrong to exclude people for being thin, but its equally wrong for the industry to exclude people for not being stick thin.

Why cant they just have a healthy mix..?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

A healthy mix?  Like some bloke/chick the size of Bernard Manning walking next to a Paris Hilton wannabe? Now that is a fashion show I would definitely want to see, ha!

Comment by Rob

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