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Michael Jackson Cracks The India Market!
October 5, 2006, 9:58 pm
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Click here and see how Michael Jackson [or it could be Freddie Mercury singing Michael Jackson] is breaking India. Possibly.

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I love it. Genius.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Sigh, here we go again on a trip of having to educate the colonialists about the natives. This is actually a very popular film star from the state of Andhra Pradesh, which by the way accounts for the world’s single largest source of films with about 800 a year, and it’s in telugu langauge and about as old as Michael Jackson’s video. Now apart from the very obvious ‘inspiration’ I must let you all know that Telugu movies have the dubious honour of virtually having invented the ‘Kitsch’ look, purple suits and pink shirts were all here before they were on the Paris catwalk passing off as metro sexual wear. You guy do need to get out more. And btw, all others please do not refer to this as Bollywood, that refers only to the movie industry in Bombay, which predominantly makes only Hindi movies.

Comment by Hari

Hari … whilst I appreciate your education on all things Indian – I find it amazing you claim this clip is only ‘inspired’ by Michael Jackson’s Thriller as opposed to a total rip-off.

The last time such an obvious ‘steal’ was referred to as an act of ‘inspiration’ was the Chinese manufacturer who was copying LV bags and said the green was slightly different so he shouldn’t be arrested.

Comment by Rob

Well obviously the use of quotes is too nuanced for you to comprehend that’s what I implied. I would have used the tem ripped off, but since I actually understand the lyrics I can safely tell you it’s limited to a visual rip off.

Oh, and btw the last time someone called rip off inspiring was probably some creative director a few minutes back in some ad agency.

Comment by Hari

You really are in an argumentative mood today aren’t you, ha!

Don’t worry, it’s a Friday.

Comment by Robert

Well mate, it is a Friday and my wife’s not in town. And then of course there’s the fact that I am Indian. It’s either that or I do a Michael Jackson.

You must read the preface to a lovely book by Nobel Prize for Economics winner, Amartya Sen, it’s called Argumentative Indian, and he explains how Arguing is part of Indian DNA. It’s actually a social exercise and a strong bonding element. That should help you understand my other brethren in your office whom you dearly love. ha!

You have a great weekend matey.

Comment by Hari

THAT explains it!
(My Indian friend always argues about stuff!)

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Don’t worry Hari, I appreciate the Indian cultural desire to ‘argue’ – especially when the wife isn’t there to curb man’s natural instincts to fight – either physically, mentally or emotionally.

However what this might mean is that I too am Indian because [as you know] I enjoy the ‘banter’ – especially with clients or cliche ridden ad-men.

I’m going to call my Mum immediately and demand an answer to this most puzzling of issues.

Comment by Robert

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