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The Answers In Front Of Your Eyes
October 4, 2006, 7:50 pm
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I saw these 2 self ‘help’ books side-by-side in a Sydney bookshop today … and what made me smile was that they seemed to be answering eachothers question.

WHY MEN MARRY BITCHES?  For better quality sex.

WHY DO MEN FALL ASLEEP AFTER SEX? So they don’t have to put up with their bitchiness.

And all this got me wondering … what other book titles could be placed side-by-side and somehow give the answer to the opposing books problem?

And no, you can’t say the Bible and the Koran, thank you very much!

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Comment by Rob Mortimer

It could start a great trend for a small bookshop don’t you think …

I mean, wouldn’t you pop in and see the latest question/answer they’d come up with?

Sure, they may not ‘buy’ everytime – but getting them in the store is half the battle sometimes.

Comment by Rob

Maybe have George Bush’s autobiography next to the latest Noam Chomsky book…

Would encourage wider reading.

I think that could be a brilliant idea AND ad message. Instead, “people who bought this bought”… have “Get the other side of the story”.

It would be a nice planning message. Challenge yourself, read both sides of the story. We can help you. Show contrasts in books, the huge variety not just finding what you already know you like.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

To be honest mate, that should be the starting point for all work. When we did some Macca’s work, it all began with reading Golden Arches and Fast Food Nation … and from then on, we had a more balanced view in everything we did or proposed.

Comment by Rob

I think it could work as a campaign, it would create a good differential.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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