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Lolita Or Seniorita? [Is Innocence History?]
September 22, 2006, 9:40 am
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So last night I was looking at some trashy American tabloid magazine [US Weekly] and saw the above ad.

Does anyone else out there think it’s a bit wrong? 

I mean, she only looks about 13 years old … and the only word on the page is ‘YES’ [which I am presuming is the name of the ‘fashion label’]

Even if the clothing range is aimed at kids, it still doesn’t seem right [that solitary ‘YES’ really bugs me] … so I’d love to hear your views, even if they paint me as some puritantical git living in the 17th century. Or a perv.

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After a quick survey with people hanging around the office, the results are:

12 think it’s disturbing [two parents said it was ‘Paedophile Fodder’]

6 say I’m a perv [including one no longer looks me in the eye]

Comment by Rob

I am one of those people who believes any individual who tries to get words like ‘Blackboard’, ‘Black Cab’ and/or ‘Christmas’ banned [because they feel they are racial or religiously prejudice] are actually uber-racists.

Sure, in the mouths of some people, these words could take on an aggressive, racist meaning, but in the mouths of ‘those people’, every word takes on an aggressive, racist meaning.

Of course there are some racially ambiguous words that had to go [the ‘character’ from Robinsons Jam is a perfect example] but trying to change the name of a ‘Blackboard’ is – as Jill loves to say – “Political Correctness Gone Mad”.

So why am I saying all this?

Because even though I questioning how appropriate it is to use a young looking girl in an ad with the word YES on it, I am not a perv. Honest.

What’s worse [or better, depending on how you look at it] … it was Jill who first brought the ad to my attention.

Phew … just thought I’d say that as my supposed ‘friends’, Andy, George, Paul and Jay have all been inundating my email and phone with messages of being the new ‘Gary Glitter’.

Cheeky sods.

Comment by Rob

Any more lectures on racism? The natives are grateful for your wisdom…

Comment by Arun

I think the racism thing is very true. There is more racism in the people who say “you shouldn’t sing Baa Baa Black Sheep” than the people who don’t even notice there is a problem.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Thank you Rob … I so totally agree.

And as for you Arun – I’ve just had one of your ‘competitors’ ask why a certain bit of information got into your sticky hands rather than his.

I told him I gave it to you because being Indian, this proves I am not a racist. Haha

Comment by Rob

A thousand apologies! But you cannot be going on making fun about the Indians and get away with it. I will have to make this point and hope it hits you on the head like a Malcom Marshall bouncer! Ok, now while on the original topic of the girl, it’s stupid of people to think that you have a dirty mind because you think that way (you do. But that’s due to other reasons) It just tries to avoid the fact that sex has become all too pervasive in media today. And slowly but surely all forms of deviant sexual behaviour is being allowed to become mainstream either with help from Shrinks (Who blame genetics for everything from being gay to blog writing) or the ‘intellectual’ elite who declare anyone with a moral compass is a being of limited intelligence.

Comment by Hari

I always thought blog writing was a form of deviant sexual behaviour.

But thanks Hari, for extricating me from my online ‘lynching’!

Comment by Arun

Are you working for Bush to start a race war? Hari … that’s the best career limiting move I’ve seen. Well done mate, and Arun, you’re a journo which means you’re more prejudiced and poisonous than the KKK. Still, you made me laugh which makes a change.

Comment by Rob

Another thing Hari … you go on about advertising making sexual perversion mainstream like it’s a bad thing.

1. You should be grateful because if not, the only way you’d of learnt about sex was by watching Singaporean ‘soap’ operas that regard holding hands as pornographic

2. I am pretty certain you are the generator of the brilliant idea to put ‘safe sex ads’ in the middle of porn flix – so infact, you are part of the problem, not the cure.

Anyway, I still like you and Arun alot, even though you’re the ones turning an innocent question into a racist debate – which can only mean one thing … You Are Uber-Racists.

Comment by Robert

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