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Shoes Glorious Shoes + A Couple Of Other Things
September 13, 2006, 10:29 am
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Russell Davies recently … for reasons beyond me … took a photo of his favourite pair of shoes. 

Because he’s a fellow Nottingham Forest fan, I don’t want him to feel ‘alone’ in his passion so I took the liberty of taking a photo of my fave pair of ‘shoes’ as well.

OK, so they’re not strictly shoes … they’re Birkenstock sandals … but the thing is, apart from two weddings and one funeral, I haven’t worn shoes for the last 10 years. 

Oh well … that’s me.

Talking of weird things … hmmmm, that wasn’t the best link was it? … why the hell would there be an ENERGISER Battery Display at Jakarta airport?

Yes, batteries can be quite important … but a whole display??? 

I wouldn’t mind, but there was nowhere to buy the buggers – so it was almost like it a shrine to the humble battery.

I’m all for new media channels but this does seem rather bizarre.

Finally, I love the way this hotel categorises it’s Noodle dishes … ‘Starchies’.  Genius.

Though I have to say I was a teensy disappointed they didn’t label their beefburgers the ‘Heart Attacks’.

[Oh, and if you are wondering, I DO have 2 feet, even though the photo only features one!]

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Next time, I will look at your feet first! Gee, I sound like a worshipper now…

It must have been da ‘shrine.’

Comment by Celeste

[…] Both have blogs with photos of shoes on it [Mine / Russell’s]  […]

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Interesting Post!

Comment by John

John … I see you work for Birkenstocks. Can I have a sponsorship deal as they are all I wear exclusively? Haha

Comment by Rob

[…] so for the last 11 years or so, I have done nothing but wear Birkenstocks/Papillio […]

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