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What Are Starbucks Thinking?
September 7, 2006, 4:54 pm
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Call me old fashioned [”You’re old fashioned”], but I am of the belief that any hot, drinkable pumpkin product should be a soup … not a bloody coffee like the one Starbucks have just launched in Asia.

Mind you, with some of the weird stuff that is eaten out here [Pig Organ Soup anyone?] I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Another in a long list of reasons of why I find Asia both amazing and frightening at the same time, ha.

PS: Given Singapore is constantly at 99.9 degrees, can someone please explain to me, what’s so bloody seasonal about this drink????

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It could be because Americans are just plain weird

Comment by Pete Hart

[…] What Are Starbucks Thinking? […]

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yummmmm I just had one the other day. First sign of fall. But then, I’m American.

Comment by Emily

Emily … for God’s sake, it’s not too late to reliquish your American roots.

You probably have a breakfast of eggs, bacon, cheese, cake and maple syrup.

Comment by Rob

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