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What Are Starbucks Thinking?
September 7, 2006, 4:54 pm
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Call me old fashioned [”You’re old fashioned”], but I am of the belief that any hot, drinkable pumpkin product should be a soup … not a bloody coffee like the one Starbucks have just launched in Asia.

Mind you, with some of the weird stuff that is eaten out here [Pig Organ Soup anyone?] I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Another in a long list of reasons of why I find Asia both amazing and frightening at the same time, ha.

PS: Given Singapore is constantly at 99.9 degrees, can someone please explain to me, what’s so bloody seasonal about this drink????


It could be because Americans are just plain weird

Comment by Pete Hart

[…] What Are Starbucks Thinking? […]

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yummmmm I just had one the other day. First sign of fall. But then, I’m American.

Comment by Emily

Emily … for God’s sake, it’s not too late to reliquish your American roots.

You probably have a breakfast of eggs, bacon, cheese, cake and maple syrup.

Comment by Rob

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