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July 5, 2006, 9:59 am
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Here is a picture of Prince Waleed’s US$4.8 million dollar Mercedes.

No, it’s not that expensive because he upgraded to the ‘leather package’ … it’s because for he had the machine covered in diamonds.

Putting aside the fact it’s hardly practical [I mean, you can’t exactly park it at the local Asda can you?] … I wonder if this car could prove to be a tipping point for Mercedes?

Let’s look at the Bentley brand … 

In the past few years, Bentley enjoyed their greatest level of sales.  When you look for why, you realise much of the growth came from America’s Millionaire Rap Artists deciding it was the car they wanted to be seen in.  All well and good …

However jump to today, and Bentley are under sever sales pressure … and whilst there are many reasons for this, one of the most significant is that Bentley loyalists [ie: Rich, Anglo-Saxon, Conservatives] don’t want to be associated with the sort of ‘people’ they feel now drive the brand today. [ie: America’s Millionaire Rap Artists]

Thus a brand has potentially had the rug pulled out from under it by it’s own customers – proving that for every action, there’s a reaction so you’d better be aware of it! [It also proves brands are ‘owned’ by the people, not the manufacturer but you already knew that didn’t you!]

So back to Merc. 

Well basically my hypothesis is similar to the Bentley scenario. 

What happens if all the Rap Artists see the ‘bling’ on this Merc and start ordering their own version?  OK, so it will probably help Bentley attract some of their old customers back, but would Merc’s long-term customer base [plus all those who aspire to owning a Merc – who lets face it, are probably more into Robbie Williams than N.W.A.] suddenly look for an alternative brand which they felt was more suited to the values they judged themselves by?

Just a thought …

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I can’t believe that it wouldnt have at least some effect on their sales. The main question is whether it will benefit or reduce sales in the long run, and considering the average Merc buyer’s status and attitude, I imagine it would make them drop after a while.

Whatever you win, whatever you lose, I guess…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I absolutely agree …

All this sort of thing is covered in the book we have written with Paul Britton [the Forensic Profiler I keep banging on about] but the boys are taking so long in editing it, that Malcolm Gladwell will probably have announced he was wrong by the time we get it out.

In all seriousness, we should turn this whole ‘connect the dots’ into some sort of planning board game – you up for it? At worst it would get people to use their imagination again.

Let me know … or at least tell me if it’s a crappy idea, I know everyone else will!

Comment by Robert

I think it would make an amusing game!
Im also disappointed you missed the continuing Quo reference…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

David at Virgin Atlantic told me to check your blog out and I just wanted to tell you that I like it. I’m a big fan of the work you do at your agency and I can see how it comes about with viewpoints like yours. I read alot of planners blogs and most are either too intellectual or lacking a real conclusion so please take this as a compliment, even though you don’t know who I am. Regards, Angus

Comment by angus

What a compliment, thanks so very much – I don’t know what to say! I clicked on your link and it took me to the Guardian Newspaper so I don’t know if you are a journo or simply someone who likes the Guardian Newspaper.

I’ll have to ask Dave who you are – and I hope to God he knows or I’ll have to put you down on the ‘stalker’ list. [You wouldn’t be the first!]

In all seriousness, you’re being far too kind to me as I only have a teensy-weensy bit to do with the output of cynic. But saying that, I’ll take the compliment because it’ll upset the hell out of the CD, Andy … haha.

Should you want to talk to me or the boys, please email us [] – we’d love to talk and not because you could have money to spend with us, but because we love talking.

Finally, I don’t know what blogs you have checked out but some aren’t all intellectual bollocks, infact some are great.

Can I suggest you check out, and – hope to hear from you soon and thanks again.

That’s not you is it Mum????

Comment by Rob

Ahead of Russell on a non-alphabetical list… what an honour!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Of course Mr Mortimer – you are younger than him so that means you’re smarter than him. Sort of. I think,

Comment by rob

Andy is going to crack the shits when he checks out the compliment from that bloke. You deserve it though Rob, and that’s not because you’re my boss. Possibly.

Comment by fun

misguided. meet angus.

angus. meet misguided.

Comment by andy

Told you he wouldn’t be happy Rob.

Comment by fun

and we’re doing the fucking book, it’s just we have lots to do, it’s not like you…living like lady muck in fucking colonial singapore.

love you.

Comment by andy

Andy: sticks and stones … ha.

Fun: stop taunting your bosses.

Rob: Status Quo are a brand that has maintained their essence despite an ever-evolving music scene.

Oh, and I am serious about the game so we should get in touch soon and sort something out if you’re up for it.

Have a plane to catch so will leave you all be now. Till next time.

Comment by Rob


Would that be a private jet by any chance?

I’ll email about the game later 🙂

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Prince Waleed. What a wanker!

Comment by Charles Frith

[…] I talked about a Merc that had been covered in diamonds. […]

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