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Dreams Or Madness?
May 4, 2006, 3:34 pm
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Do you remember the singer Sophie B. Hawkins?  She had a couple of hits in the '90's … ?

She wasn't very good at her peak but the poor thing must be really crap now given she won a court case against a guy selling promotional copies (via eBay) of her soon-to-be-released album and only got awarded US$346!!! Three Hundred and Forty Six Bucks … that wouldn't even cover the cost of a stereo to play the rubbish on!!!

Poor thing, talk about a reality check on the state of your career, the judge might as well of said, "Sophie, you're a nobody, go and die under a rock!!!"

This got me thinking … when do you give up on a dream?  When do you realise or accept 'it's not going to happen?'  Having watched the awful 'Pop Idol', I was struck by the arrogance of some of the entrants … they were crap and yet believed they were amazing … what drives this?  What do they call upon to keep their dream alive?  What are they chasing … the fame, the money, the desire to fulfill their dream?

What is obvious is that fame used to be the end product of doing something worthy or great, and now, for many people, it is the actual goal … hence the incredible growth of reality TV shows like BIG BROTHER, which may be many things but certainly not 'reality'!

Is 'normal life' so bad these days?  Why do we crave a life 'style' rather than a life?  Why aren't we happy with our 'lot' in life? What has changed this and do you think it is going to get better or worse?

So many questions and not enough answers ….

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